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The City of La Porte City has several Boards, Commissions and other volunteer opportunities that you are encouraged to get involved with.

The Board of Adjustment and the Planning & Zoning Commission are two groups that regulate development.  This regulation is designed to preserve agricultural land, encourage efficient urban development patterns, lessen congestion, secure safety, promote health, prevent over-crowding, promote conservation and to facilitate adequate provision for transportation, water, sewer, schools, parks and other public needs.

Board of Adjustment.  This board consists of five residents appointed by the Council for a five year term.  A majority of the members of the Board shall be persons representing the public at large.  The duty of this Board is to hear and decide appeals made by residents in regard to adopted development ordinances.  Appeals by the public can be made for variances, use exceptions and interpretation of the Code.  Meetings and public hearings are scheduled as appeals are made for the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month at 7:00pm at City Hall.  Board of Adjustment Meeting Minutes

 Board of Adjustment

5 year terms

Julie Grote                  7/17/2015

Dan Kautz                   7/17/2016

Shane Neil                  7/17/2017

Neal Keegan             7/17/2018

Chris Bierman             7/17/2019

 Planning & Zoning Commission.  The Commission consists of nine members who are qualified by knowledge or experience to act in matters pertaining to the development of a City plan.  Terms are for five years and appointed by the Council.  Duties include reviewing and making recommendations regarding the adoption or amendment to the Comprehensive Plan and the Development Ordinance which includes subdivision plats, vacation of platted areas, and other land use changes or issues.  This Board meets as needed on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00pm at City Hall.  Planning & Zoning Meeting Minutes

 Planning & Zoning

5 year terms

Richard Sides           12/31/2015

Nancy Olson            12/31/2015

JoAnn Heckroth        12/31/2016

Vi Neil                    12/31/2016

Kylee Harting          12/31/2017

Doris Wagner         12/31/2018

Robert Pipho         12/31/2018

Jim Bader              12/31/2019

Joel Bishop             12/31/2019

   The Library Board consists of six members – five of which reside in the City limits and are appointed by the Mayor with Council approval, and one member that resides in rural Black Hawk County, appointed by the Mayor with County Board of Supervisors approval.  Duties of these officers is to direct and control all affairs of the Library some of which includes holding regular meetings, hiring of staff, purchases and record keeping.  This group meets regularly on the 2nd Monday of the month at 4:30pm at Hawkins Memorial Library located at 308 Main Street.  Library Board Meeting Minutes

 Library Board of Trustees

6-year terms

Jack Aschenbrenner              7/1/2017

Scot Morris                           7/1/2017

Michael Whittlesey                7/1/2018

Susan Deaton                     7/1/2018 

Joan Getz                           7/1/2019

Laurie Rife                               7/1/2020

  The Museum Board is created to advise the Council on the needed facilities to provide museum property and facilities in the City.  The Board consists of six members appointed by the Mayor with Council approval and is a five year term.  Up to two of these members may reside outside the City limits but within the Union School District.  The duty of this Board is to provide for the operation and maintenance of the FFA Ag Museum and to make plans for future operations.  This Board meets regularly on the 3rd Tuesday at 7:00 pm at the FFA Ag Museum located at 408 Main Street.  In addition to the Board, volunteers are always needed.  Those wishing to volunteer at the Museum, please contact us directly. Museum Board Meeting Minutes

Museum Board

5-year terms

Pat Wood                         10/31/2015

Jerry Erdahl                       10/31/2016

Lesa Foss                         10/31/2016

Mike Strubel                      10/31/2017

Dean Bostian                   10/31/2018

Sherry Sheffler                   10/31/2019

Current Ag Instructor/FFA Advisor

 The Utility Board consists of three members serving six year terms.  Powers and duties of the Board consist of controlling properties, equipment and processes in relation to the combined utility system, and to report detailed financial statements to the City.  This Board meets regularly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 5:00pm at the Utility Office located at 403 Main Street.  Utility Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes


6 year terms

 Shawn Mehlert            9/1/2015

Tami Keune                 9/1/2017

 Jon Barz                     9/1/2019

 Historic Preservation Commission is a board designed to safeguard the City’s historic, aesthetic and cultural heritage by preserving sites and districts of historic and cultural significance.  This group consists of no more than seven members with a majority of those members residing inside the City limits.  The balance of the members must reside within the Union School District or own property in the City limits.  Members are appointed by the Mayor with Council consent for three year terms.  Members shall demonstrate a positive interest in historic preservation, possess interest or expertise in architecture, archeology, history or other closely related disciplines.  The Commission identifies and designates local historic districts and sites and makes recommendations to the State Bureau of Historic preservation for the listing of such places.  This group meets as needed a minimum of three times a year.

 Historic Preservation Commission

3 year terms

Eric Coulter             2/22/2015

Shelly Hopkins           2/22/2015

Dave Neil                   2/22/2016

LeAnn Craft               2/22/2016

Janet Erdahl               2/22/2017

                            There is currently 2 vacancies on the Historic Preservation Board.                        


Economic Development Commission has been created to promote and develop economic sustainability within the community, to assist with business retention and expansion, business attraction, and improvements to quality of place.  This group consists of five voting members serving three year terms.  Four of the members are appointed by the Mayor with Council approval.  Two persons out of these four may reside outside of the City limits, but must be employed within the City limits.  The fifth member will be the Council person serving as chair on the Council’s Finance and Economic Development Committee.  Duties include promoting development within the City and advertising information relating to the economic advantages of the City.  This group meets on the 2nd Monday of the Month at 5:30pm at City Hall.

 Economic Development Commission

3 year terms

Council Member (Chair of Economic Development)

Vacant                               6/30/2015

Vacant                              6/30/2015

Vacant                              6/30/2016

Vacant                              6/30/2016

Vacant                               6/30/2017

The Parks and Recreation Commission has been created to recommend and review policies, rules, regulations and ordinances relating to City parks, playgrounds, recreational programs and centers. The Commission meets once per month and shall be primarily responsible for developing, organizing and promoting new recreation programs and the establishment of new parks within the City.  The Commission shall also make recommendations regarding existing programs and parks within the City.  Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes

Parks and Recreation Commission

4 year terms

Julie Grote                      7/1/2016

Lindsay Pipho                  7/1/2016

Travis Hoy                      7/1/2016

Alisha Evans                    7/1/2018

Mike Spence                    7/1/2018





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